What is “The Headline”?

When you hear of a digital newspaper, what comes to mind? Do you think of creativity, organization, and useful information? In all honesty, we are just a group of individuals who do pretty cool stuff and like informing our peers about our second home. For instance, our digital newspaper keeps track of all extracurricular activities in our school. You want to know when a football or basketball game starts? We got you. Basically, we are here to help and to guide you, and to make life a little more exciting in the process.

Simply put, ‘The Headline’ is about the people. We are all about capturing the in-depth emotional story of the person behind the headline.  The real headlines for us are the people making newsworthy news everyday.  It’s the students, the teachers, the community members who are making the true impact.  These are the people really stepping up and making that headline.  Because without the people, there is no headline.  And that is our focus,  insightful stories that bring the people to life and to the forefront.